1. Go to the API page on CLOSEM. (right hand pulldown menu item).

2. Open Zapier. You need a premium account to access Facebook Lead Ads as a trigger. Access your Facebook account and test the trigger.

3. Choose Action: POST and use Webhooks by Zapier.

4. In Zapier, Under POST, choose app and event. Under "Set Up Action":
Click on "Form" and you should see the data you pulled in the Test Trigger.

a. In CLOSEM, on the API page, you'll see your BASE URL. Click on it to copy it, and paste it into the corresponding field in Zapier.

b. Scroll down the API page to see "Add Contact" and click to expand that section.

c. First thing, add "mode" in the Zapier form and type "addcontact in the field.

d. Add name, phone, email, etc. and click to the corresponding field from the trigger data. Names can be "fullname" or "firstname" etc.

e. In CLOSEM, look for your lists -- find the list you want, and click on it to see the number. Label a field in the Zap called "list" and enter that data in the field in the Zap.

f. Do the same with tags (label the field "tag") and enter that data in the field in the Zap.

g. Do the same with your sequence (label the field "sequence_id") and enter that data in the field in the Zap.

Your zap will look like this:

NOTE: You can have the contact entered into multiple lists (separate list numbers by a comma) and multiple tags (separate list numbers by a comma), but only 1 sequence. Make sure to set up your lists and tags and sequences ahead of time. Your list might be "Inbound Leads" and your tags could be FB Lead Ad, and some other meaningful ID. and the sequence could be "following up Facebook leads."

8. Test the trigger and activate the Zap.

9. In CLOSEM, you'll see the sequence here, under Sequences / API

10. Or here, in the contact record:

That's it!

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