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Quick walk-through of all the major functions

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This is a quick overview of the CLOSEM platform. We go into all of the features in more detail in subsequent tutorials.

Here's your username. Below your username you'll see your company ID, your user ID, your plan credits. You'll be able to purchase additional credits, adjust your account, adjust your personal settings and log out.

At your admin menu, you've got user management. You can export your contact data and access our API to integrate CLOSEM with other applications. Again, we go into all of this in more detail in subsequent tutorials.

Across the top, you'll be able to see the local time zone, your local phone number that's assigned, and your business name. These things can be adjusted in company settings.

In the main dashboard, you can see your messages that you've sent, that have been opened, any unsubscribes, any clicks. You can access this by date range and update at any time.

Here on the left, you have your contacts section. You can add contacts one at a time, import lists of contacts, have as many contact lists as you like, add as many tags as you like to subsequently target and segment your lists, view your contacts in a pipeline view where you can move contacts from stage to stage, search for contacts in a table view.

Adjust all your message templates, update postal mail, add voice messages.

Create and view all your campaigns, view campaign reports.

Keep on top of your conversations.

Set appointments .

Add images to your library.

Adjust your company settings and create custom form fields.

Again all of these features we go into in more detail in subsequent tutorials. But in the meantime, most of our users find getting started with CLOSEM is easy and they learn on the go by doing.

Thanks for choosing CLOSEM!

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