Here is a brief overview of all the major functions of CLOSEM. In other videos, we'll show you each function in more detail, so you can get the most out of using the platform at the main dashboard. You'll see how many messages you have available in your plan, as well as your business name, assigned phone number and the closest system time, which should match your time zone. Here's a link to close them Academy where you'll find more videos, tutorials, and other materials to help you succeed here. You'll see a quick overview of all your text and email messages sent, delivered, and acted on you can select a date range to view your activity here, scroll down to see an overview of your message campaigns and click report. To get more detail on each campaign on the left, you can see the prospect section where you can create contact lists, add contacts one at a time, or import whole lists of contacts and tag.


Your context is so you can fine tune who you send messages to. The next section is where you'll find the reusable message templates included with your CLOSEM account, organized in categories, indicating the message purpose clicking on text or email. You'll see the variety of included message categories. Each with professionally written email and text message templates you can use right away. These personalized messages can be sent to your leads, prospects or customers anytime. And of course create your own. Any time. Sequences is where your messaging game gets to the next level. You can combine text and email messages into compelling campaigns that take place over time. These campaigns are proven to have a much higher response rate than sending single message blasts and really engage your audience. We've already created a number of campaigns you can customize and use right away, or as always, you can create your own.


The ones marked RTG are ready to go right now. The others you might want to spend a little time customizing. You can send these campaigns to a single recipient or to an entire contact lists or groups of targeted prospects. At any time. If you need to send an urgent time-sensitive message to everyone in your contact list, you can use the bulk send feature to immediately send a text or email message to everyone right away here in the conversation section, you can review all your conversations with contacts and respond right away. You can view these conversations either by date or by contact.


The appointment section is where you can view any you've set with your contacts. You set appointments directly within their detailed contact record, and we'll show you how to do that in an upcoming tutorial settings is where you can do some advanced customization of the CLOSEM platform. We'll show you that in detail, in an upcoming tutorial, in the lower right hand corner, you'll see our chatbox where you can review a wealth of information and get help. At any time, we do recommend that you take a few minutes to visit CLOSEM Academy and watch our other tutorials. So you won't waste time and trial and error, but just so you know, we're always here for you. We wish you the best of success, and can't wait to hear from you how CLOSEM is helping increase your business. And since you're in a hurry to get started, go for it. The next video we'll get you started.

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