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CLOSEM is a CRM, but it is designed first and foremost to be an easy to use messaging platform to allow users to quickly and easily followup with leads, prospects and customers.
As such, it does contain a database of contact (or "customer") information, including a record of all communications in and out, appointments, conversations, etc. Contacts can be tagged (or identified) in an unlimited way, so all contacts can be organized by type or interest, etc.
We don't expect CLOSEM to become a fully featured CRM. We find those to be difficult to learn to use, and / or require a substantial amount of custom programming to get them to give you the information you want.
Our vision for CLOSEM is an open door, where users can connect other systems like advanced CRMs, calendars, scheduling systems, proposal and invoice generating, and all that stuff. We are building an API to make that easy.

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