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Does CLOSEM only work after I've made contact with someone?
Does CLOSEM only work after I've made contact with someone?

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CLOSEM works with all kinds of contacts -- leads, prospects, customers, and more. It is primarily a follow-up tool, designed to follow-up with people you've met, made contact with, sent a proposal, or done work for. But it's also a great tool for outbound prospecting as well.
We have templates and campaigns you can use in prospecting for new business, as well as following up. Of course, with texting you should have a prior relationship and permission to text your prospect.

One of the great things CLOSEM lets you do is send a series of messages (emails, texts) to someone over time. These campaigns (also known as "drip campaigns") allow you to send different information to prospects over time, building awareness of your name and company, and what you offer.

Done right, these gentle campaigns can spark interest. A one time message might have great information in it, but it hits your prespect at the wrong time. A series of messages keeps a prospect informed about you and what you're offering and doing, and allows a prospect to "get to know you." You go from being a stranger to someone known, and people like to buy from people they know.

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