It's for both. One thing we know is that you're about 7 times more likely to get new business from past customers and people that know you, so we find keeping in touch with past customers really pays off. Your CLOSEM subscription has a series of messages asking for referrals and reviews from past customers.

It is hard getting cell numbers of decision makers for new prospects, and it's not a good idea to cold text someone you don't know. We have a series of email messages (email) in our "prospecting for new business" category. CLOSEM lets you send a series of messages (sequences or campaigns) over time to prospects, and we find that these campaigns result in about 80% more new business than just sending a single message and hoping for a response.

Getting referrals from past customers is the best way to get introduced to a new prospect, and if they give you their cell number, cautiously text them.

You can use the message templates and campaigns as is, or better, is to customize them for your particular business. Or use them as inspiration to come up with a sequence of your own.

Your CLOSEM subscription also includes a number of messages asking permission to text someone, and these can be used to get permission.

That said, there are also other services and technologies you can use to find the cell numbers of potential prospects. But keep in mind you should always have permission to text someone before texting. Refer to our terms of service.

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