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Adding Tags
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In this short tutorial, I'm going to show you how to create tags. Tagging is a powerful function that lets you properly identify your contacts and fine tune, who you send messages to. Since you can assign tasks to contacts, when importing them, I find it useful to set up at least some of your tags before adding contacts. You'll find tags really useful.

As you begin sending messages and sequences. Technically this is known as list segmentation using tags. You can easily identify how you got your contacts, where they are, what they want, what their interests are or what they do.

Let's get started. Simply click on the tags, function under prospects and begin adding tags. For example, you might want to send a message to everyone. You met at a trade show, but only those on the West coast, or you might want to send a message to your current car buyers, but only those interested in a certain model. You might find yourself offering a special discount, but you only want to send it to certain prospects. And only those marked as decision maker. There's no limit to the number of tags you can create. And of course you can add new tags at any time, like many things in closing, the possibilities are endless. Obviously adding tags, couldn't be easier and don't sweat it. You can even create tags on the fly while you're important contact list.

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