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Managing Appointments
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In this very short tutorial I’ll show you how to set appointments with prospects and customers inside CLOSEM.

To set an appointment with a prospect, go to the detailed contact view. In this case I'm going to set an appointment with Charlize. Just to review from our previous tutorial in the conversations we had with Charlene she asked if I could come by And I asked if 4:00 PM tomorrow would work she replied sure it works I said see you then now i want to create an appointment with her so i'm going to go Scroll up and click on schedule an appointment. The appointment is for tomorrow at 4:00 PM and I'm going to put in a note that she wants to talk about my landscape photography. Then I'll click schedule.

CLOSEM will automatically send a reminder message to your prospect 8 hours in advance of your meeting.

You can customize that reminder message by clicking on “REMINDERS” in the Appointments section. There’s an included message you can format however you like. The tag {DATE} will automatically insert the correct day and time for your meeting. The only available tags are Business Name and Date. As you can see, I’ve inserted my business phone number in case my meeting needs to be rescheduled.

In this case, Charlize will automatically get that reminder message at 8:00 AM tomorrow, 8 hours ahead of our meeting at 4PM.

To view all of the appointments you’ve scheduled, simply click on “ALL” in the Appointments section. Here you will see all of your appointments by customer name, along with any notes you’ve added. You can see the date the appointment was set, as well as the time and date it was scheduled for.

The status will show you whether the reminder message has been sent yet or not.

You can also view any appointments you have today by clicking on “TODAY” and any appointments coming in the next week by clicking on “UPCOMING.”

Like most things in CLOSEM, managing appointments is simple, and that’s all there is to learn. You are good to go.

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