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Adding an HTML signature to your CLOSEM emails
Adding an HTML signature to your CLOSEM emails

Dynamic HTML signatures

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CLOSEM now lets you have a dynamic HTML based signature to be added to all of your campaign emails, which really punches up your branding. Creating an HTML signature is easy. If your company has an email signature generator that generates pure HTML, use that to remain consistent with your company's branding.

If not, you can use CLOSEM's dynamic signature generator, which is available at You can choose from a variety of pre-made templates that are available.

Enter your per personal details. Your company details. Then add your social media links, enter the URL of any images that you have uploaded somewhere and then adjust the fonts and colors. You can change the colors by dynamically moving the wheel or by dropping in the Hexadecimal, code, if you know it. You can adjust the fonts and change the font size as you wish.

Once you're satisfied with your signature, click the button to remember your details. So you can come back and change the template if you like. Then click "apply your signature", click the "copy" button to grab the HTML generated code.

Next log into your CLOSEM account. Go to the admin menu, click user management, click the pencil icon next to the username, scroll down and in the user signature paste the code and then click SAVE. That's it!

Now that dynamic HTML generated code will appear as the assigned email signature for Betty Draper.

Let's take a look at how that works in practice. Click on one of your emails, click on the pencil icon to edit it. Scroll down to the bottom. And you'll see, you can add {ASSIGNED_EMAIL_SIGNATURE} to the bottom of your email, make sure you click save so that the assigned email signature is included in that template.

The last bit is to make sure that your contact is assigned to a user.

In this case, Tom cruise is assigned to Betty Draper. So any message templates that are sent to Tom will be signed by Betty Draper. If you don't see an assigned user click on the pencil icon, scroll down to a assigned user

click on Betty Draper and click save. That's it. Now any messages to Tom will have Betty's dynamic HTML signature included.

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