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Sending Postal Mail to your Groove contacts
Sending Postal Mail to your Groove contacts
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Sending postal mail to your contacts in groove with CLOSEM is super easy.

In this tutorial I'm going to assume you don't have a postcard image available, so we're going to use Canva to design your postcard. In the menu bar click on the icon that says get designs. Scroll down and click on Canva.

You can get started for free if you don't have a Canva account and do quite a bit, and going pro is only a few pennies a day. Here I've uploaded the image of the house we just sold, dropped it into this just sold postcard template and then saved it as a JPEG and downloaded it.

Over in CLOSEM I want to add that postcard image to my library, so click on library, click on add, select the postcard image I've saved, give it a name, and click save.

Now click on postal mail,

Click on 4x6 postcards

Click on add template
Give your template a reference title
Select your image for the front of the postcard
and add it to the template
Enter your text, using the personalization tags you see.

Just click on the tag to copy it to your clipboard and paste It in your postcard message
You can see how the text fits in the available space in the live preview.
Along with personalization, in this case I’m going to change the font to a handwritten font to make it a bit friendlier.
If you like the way that looks, click save

Give it another look in the preview window.
Confirm that’s exactly what you want.
Now create a campaign.
Click “create.”

Give your campaign a name. In this case, I called it “Just sold announcement”
Select the type (postal)
Select the template category.
Now select the template you just created.
You’ll see the text to confirm.
Click “next” and you’ll see your campaign is ready to use.

Head back to GrooveMail.
Click on Broadcasts
Create a new Broadcast.
Choose Postal, and give your broadcast a name.
Select your recipients.
Now select that campaign you just created.
Tick the box for Send Now, and then the button to send it.
You’ll see your mail is in process.

On the CLOSEM side, click on Campaigns to see a list of all your campaigns.
Click on the API tab.
You’ll see the broadcast you just sent from Groove.
Click on report.
Here you can follow the progress from pending to printing to delivered. Your mail will be sent to the printer either same day or next day depending on the time we receive it. It will then get printed and sent to the post office for first-class delivery, usually on the same day. Then it’s up to the postal service to deliver it. Allow 7-10 business days for delivery.

Here you can see the contacts you sent your mail broadcast to as well, and see if there were any undeliverable addresses in your file.

Back over on the Groove side, you’ll see your broadcast has been updated to “SENT.’

It’s that easy to send compelling, personalized letters and postcards from Groove using CLOSEM.

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