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I'm really excited to share with you a new capability In CLOSEM that we've just added.

This is an incredibly powerful new feature, designed to really drive up your engagement and help you stay out of trouble in all your marketing efforts.

Go over to your contact lists, you'll see the list name and the number of contacts in each list. You can import more name, or add existing contacts, or add new contacts, one at a time. That's all the same as it was before.

But now you'll see you can validate phone numbers, run phone numbers through the do not call registry, and validate emails to remove undeliverables and scrub any spam traps.

Validate Numbers

This is great because you'll get rid of VOIP lines, landlines, and undeliverable numbers. And that's important because the carriers look at whether you have a lot of undeliverables and bounces when you’re sending, and this can affect your trust score. Mobile carriers charge you for messages sent to invalid and deactivated numbers resulting in poor response and unoptimized SMS deliveries. So that feature alone can save you money by making sure you’re not trying to message to undeliverable numbers.

It shows that I just validated them. And that's how fast it is. Any number that's a landline or VOIP phone will be automatically be tagged and blocked so you won’t waste money trying to send text messages to them. Those that are mobile are all clear, and you can see the carrier they're on.

Clicking Validate New Customers button, I can validate any new customers that have been added to this list since the last validation. If your list has been here for a while, you can revalidate them all with the Revalidate all customers button. It’s a good practice to do from time to time, as numbers change.

Check Do Not Call Registry

Even more powerful is to make sure that none of your contact phone numbers are on the do not call (DNC) registry, or are known spam traps. What's important about this is there are people on the do not call registry and unscrupulous attorneys looking for a payday. If you text them, you are going to get into trouble That’s why this is so valuable. Many of our users are astonished when they see how many of these ticking time bomb numbers are in their own database.

You can see this list had a blocked number. Very good to catch that BEFORE you get into trouble! Just like the other validation, contacts will be automatically tagged and blocked.

Check Emails for undeliverables and spam traps

Now validate the emails in this list. Bounces, spam complaints, and low open rates – they’re all signs you need to clean your email list. You put a lot of effort into your emails. This will help you land them in the inbox and drive up your open rates. This also keeps your domain reputation high. Google's algorithm and how it decides whether to put you in the inbox or put you in a spam filter is whether you've got a lot of, undeliverables and bounces. This will eliminate all of those undeliverables and bad addresses. Most importantly, it also checks to see if any of these addresses are known spam traps.

Now, this particular validation takes a little while.

Emails marked as undeliverable or spam will be automatically tagged in the contact list and blocked so you won't send email to them.


All of these validations are designed to keep your list clean, keep your reputation high, drive up your engagement and keep you out of trouble.

We’ve given you a hefty balance of credits to use. And if you want to buy more, just click over here. Validation credit are a penny a piece. just add to your account and validate more as you need it. They never expire.

So that's it. Very cool new feature. I can't wait to hear how you’re using it.

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