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Forwarding your Twilio number to another number
Forwarding your Twilio number to another number

Forward any calls to your Twilio number to another number

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One of our most commonly requested features, which is "What happens when someone calls my account phone number.


The standard option is the voice reply message where you can type in whatever message you want; "thanks for calling, this number doesn't accept incoming calls. Please call our main number." Whatever you want it to say. Now you can also forward to your cell phone, which is probably the single most-requested feature we've had.

use the pull-down menu to select CALL FORWARD and then simply enter your cell phone or office phone, and just remember to click save.

And now if anybody calls your Twilio number, they're going to get routed right to whatever number you enter. Awesome.

NOTE: Keep in mind Twilio will charge you for those incoming calls. Check the rates.

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