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Connecting external data sources to CLOSEM with Zapier
Connecting external data sources to CLOSEM with Zapier
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Connecting your external lead sources to CLOSEM for automated followup couldn't be easier. Watch this short video and we'll take you step by step using the integrated Zapier application inside CLOSEM.

We're going to use Zapier and create a Zap to get contacts from an external source into CLOSEM. So there are a couple different ways to do it. From anywhere in CLOSEM, you can always go up to the Admin Menu and select Zapier. Or from the home dashboard, you can go to the "I need to connect" section and click on Zapier integration.

You can see that it's already set up internally right inside CLOSEM. If you want to connect CLOSEM to any number of apps like HubSpot or PipeDrive or Airtable, you can send data from CLOSEM out, such as new contacts added, or when a contact responds to your messaging.

In this example, we're going to get contacts from a Google sheet and bring them into CLOSEM, add them to a list and enter them into a follow up campaign.

We'll click on "use this Zap" and it'll take us to Zapier.

If you don't have a Zapier account, you can create one here. If you have an account, it will ask you to sign in.

The first thing is we need to do is to identify what Google sheets this is attached to and then what spreadsheet. And then within that spreadsheet, if there are multiple worksheets, what worksheets. And now I'm going to test that trigger.

And you'll see, the contact record has been found. I've found bill Bilbo Baggins. I'm going to click continue, and now I'm going to create that contact inside CLOSEM. The first thing I'm going to do is connect my CLOSEM account.

You'll need to get your API key in CLOSEM and allow Zapier to connect to your CLOSEM account.
I need to get my API key in order to do that, so go back to CLOSEM, select API from the pull down menu. Go to API, and grab your key, just hover over it. Copy it to the clipboard.

Now go back over to Zapier and enter your key. You only need to do this once and the accounts are linked.

I want to now set up the action. So I'm going to take a look. I don't have a full name. so I'm gonna skip over full name. I'm going to enter their first name, show all options. It's Bilbo, last name Baggins, and I'm just going to continue to match fields.

You'll see all your contact lists, available tag, and campaigns (or sequences) and you just continue to match fields. I'm going to add him to my "Incredible follow up campaign for incoming leads," which I've already created in CLOSEM. I'm going to add him to my "Zap from Google sheets" contact list, and I'm going to tag him as one of my hot prospects. I'm going to assign him to myself, and I'm going to enter some of the custom label fields. So label number one was Elron (his partner) and label number two is "The One Ring," which is something he's invested in and that's it.

So I'm going to take a look at that. I'm going to click continue, and now you can see. the fields are matched and I'm going to test it.

The test has been successful and I don't need to do anything else and I can just delete that step and there we have it. If I'm ready to publish this app, I could go ahead and publish it.

Just to make sure, I'm going to go back over to CLOSEM. I'm going to take a look at my contact list. Take a look at the zap from Google sheet. Here's my contact. I can see his company, his phone number, his email address, he's assigned to me. is Elron, label two is the one ring. His address is correct. And if I look over here in the campaigns, he's been added to the "Incredible follow up campaign for incoming leads" and that's up and running.

So everything was successful and that's how easy it is to link external data sources to CLOSEM using Zapier.

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