Creating shortlinks from long URLs
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You can do this in two places. For convenience, you can shorten links right from the main dashboard, or you can click on "Links" in the left hand navigation.

On the Dashboard


Paste your long URL into the field. You can shorten up to 10 at a time.


Click on "Multiple" for a bigger field. (Up to 10 maximum at a time)


Paste your URLs (up to 10 maximum at a time).



Click "Shorten" when you are ready.


All recently created links will be at the bottom of the page.

You will see the links that have been created at the bottom of this page.

Follow these steps to view all or create more links.

Click on "Links".


You can also view and create more links here.

Click on Active


This is the same thing as your dashboard link shortener but it's on another page.

Repeat steps 3,4,5,6. To make more shortlinks. You will see all the links you've created at the bottom of the page.

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