How to create a Bio Page

Connect your Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, Facebook...any social media account with a bio link to a custom mobile landing page.

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At Dashboard > Click on Bio Pages

Click on Bio Pages

Click on Create Bio

Click on  Create Bio

Give your bio page and name, and edit the alias (the custom URL).

Here you can name your bio page and edit the alias of the link.

Add a custom avatar by uploading a file from your computer. If you have already updated your Profile with an avatar image, it will appear here. You can have multiple avatars and different bio pages.

You can add a custom avatar but uploading files from your computer

Now you can start customizing your page. Click on Social Links.

Click on Social Links

Here are all the fields where you can link your social media accounts.

Here you will see all the fields where you can link your social media.

Now truly customize it and make it your own. Click on Appearance

Click on Appearance

Upload your own custom background image, or use one of the more than 50 templates provided. You can use the existing color combinations pallets or create your own. Make it reflect your brand! You can preview the image in the phone area.

You can upload your own background by clicking on the blue image button and uploading a picture from your computer.

Here is the list of options you can use to create your bio page

Now let's get really creative and add content to your page.

Click on Content

Click on Add Link or Content button.

Click on Add Link or Content

You can see there are tons of options for you to add to your bio page. You can add links to other content like websites, videos, white papers, anything! You can add headings and text; separate areas with a divider. You can customize the colors of your links, the shape of the link, the color of the dividers...the possiblities are unlimited. Add images, a newsletter signup, contact form, a vCard with all your contact details, a product image and link to your ecommerce store, embed a YouTube video or TikTok, add music ... even add a PayPal link for a tip jar or direct payment.

You can move elements around on your page by dragging them up or down. You're creating an actual mobile landing page -- a website -- so it may take some experimenting to get the look and feel exactly right.

Not to worry, you can update this page anytime and you won't lose any of your content.

Here you will see all of the available options to add to your bio page.

To add meta tags, description, passwords, and tracking pixels, click on Advanced

Click on Advanced

Add the content you want here.

Here you will see all the advanced options for your bio page.

When you are finished, be sure to publish your page!

When you are finished be sure to publish your page!

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