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General Questions
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Is there a mobile app available for CLOSEM?
Can I Make Calls Through my CLOSEM Assigned Phone Number?
How to add additional fields for my contacts
Can I setup a phone forwarding in CLOSEM?
Can I give my CLOSEM phone number out?
Will my credits expire?
What is included in the price of the postcards?
Am I able to automatically add leads from a facebook ads campaign into CLOSEM?
What does the little phone icon mean next to my reports?
Is there a way to allow a user (an admin/VA type) access to CLOSEM academy so they can learn how to best use the platform?
I uploaded a csv list, but I am having a hard time adding a tag to the entire list
Are you HIPAA compliant?
I'm trying to select a phone number but no phone numbers pop up
Can I work with more than one brand?
Can leads be assigned to different users?
I am just confused with the names CLOSEM and CLOSEM CRM+. I thought CLOSEM CRM+ has more features than just CLOSEM.
Why do you ask me to choose my area code but there are no phone numbers available?
Are all the SMS credits in CLOSEM part of the monthly subscription, or do I need to do some additional setup?
Does CLOSEM come with a phone number or do I need to use my own?
Do you need an external account to send SMS?
Does CLOSEM work worldwide?
How can I see the video tour again?
Is this for existing customers I have in my contact list or new business as well. Finding cell phone numbers for decision makers is practically impossible.
Does CLOSEM only work after I've made contact with someone?
Is there a way to keep track of a prospect and where they are in a given campaign?